Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Card for an English Teacher

This is a project I have been working on this week, it is for my support workers husband. He needed a card for the staff to sign for a student teacher who was leaving. This meant me taking it a bit far with a full production, which landed me in A&E last night as I had dropped my heavy guillotine on my foot, only to notice 5 hours later (as I have no feeling in my legs) as I had just been crafting away in my own teacher world making this book. Thankfully nothing broken! foot very swollen and had big bruise and lump! silly me. :(
Themed on a trip to see Blood Brothers at the theatre, love of books, and for a male English Teacher , I hope this hits the mark. The black bits at the bottom are to represent backs of heads and chairs, hope you get the idea.

The inside was made to look like a book with the sentiments written as background,  and a top note for the staff to all have a place to sign.

Hope you like the tabs, like a teachers organiser.
Will follow with products used ASAP


  1. What a fabulous idea and a fab card too! Love the way you've used the ribbon. It will make a great keepsake. Gill x

  2. Oh my goodness - I love it! You are so clever and I'm sure he will treasure it.
    A fantastic piece of work ;o)

  3. Thank you, took a bit of thinking time but it was worth it. Dawn x

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous Dawn and what a lovely keepsake
    Margaret x (fellow Pink Lady!)

  5. What a great idea, the heads in seats look so cool - very clever x
    suzie qx