Saturday, 25 June 2011

First party success!

Just to say sorry for the lack blogging this week, but I have just launched my first party workshop.

Not quite Prague yet (top demo achievement trip see Michelle Last's blog) our table looked nice as well!

Nine guests, one fabulous hostess and me! Everyone is on a high, we have had a fab afternoon, loads of crafting, shopping, raffle prizes, gifts, and lots of fun... everyone a winner!

Enjoyed meeting some new faces and having fun. As promised will post tomorrow re Class details and booking deadlines.

This was me at the beginning of the day, can't let you see me now, just had chinese, in pj's and going to sleep Zzzzzz! But first a big thank you to all of you especially Sue my hostess, Vicky, Agnes, Paul and Mum for helping...lemon cake and biscuits were really yummy!

See you tomorrow with some display and more action pictures.

P.S. These were our make and takes, these ones were made by Vicky..
Looks great, just love it!


  1. Your workshop looks fab Dawn, glad it went well. Hope you're feeling much better now
    Margaret x (fellow Pink Lady!)

  2. well done hun, see you soon xxxx are you going to regional training with Michelle?

  3. Thanks it was hard work but worth it, and yes hope to be at training. See you soon xxx