Monday, 12 September 2011

Tutorial- Ornament Punch Flower

Tutorial to make the Ornament Punch flower


Picture 1- Using the Ornament Punch, punch out 18 petals
Punch out a Circle 1"3/8"
I have arranged these in 3 sets of 4 this creates the first three layers of the flower.
The next two sets of three are the centre pieces.
Set out like this to make building it easier.
Attach sticky strip to the top of the baubles and cover the circle.
As in picture 3 curl all the petals.


Picture 2- Ink using the same or contrasting colour to give depth to each petal use a dauber and ink all petals. See effect on picture 9.
The six to the right hand side of picture 1 are for the centre and are inked front and back. Ink the middle again for depth.


Picture 3- I have curled the centre pieces using a pen, my Stampin Up one!
You can see that each one in these six gets tighter to help for the centre petals.


Picture 4- I have set these out so you can see how I build each layer, bend back the top so the sticky strip attaches to the circle. Moving in each time and rotated to ensure it's not too structured.
These are not curled to ensure a better picture of layout. See final picture 9


Picture 5- remove the sticky strip and start attaching the first four petals.


Picture 6- The next layer moves in and fills in the gaps- these are just laid out so you can see the way you build it.


Picture 7 - The centre ones start to move away from groups of four, start with the first three these link in with the rotation.


Picture 8- The last three get tighter together and fill the centre.


Picture 9- You can see that as it builds up The top of the ornament becomes the bit you stick down.
This one was inked in Pumpkin Pie on Daffodil Delight you can see the depth it creates.
I have added glitter to this flower.

If you have any problems leave a comment or email me.

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