Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Lack of posts this year

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say why there has been so few posts this year, with my Multiple Sclerosis, I often spend days asleep in bed or on a special recliner chair. Otherwise I am in my wheelchair.

I would love to craft more, host parties but my condition does not allow me to work as fast as my brain would like, my body is not willing! However when I can I am often making cards for friends and family and try to craft with my carers. Mum helps me run parties and we all have a great time.

This year has been an additional string of problems, broken leg, gallbladder out and that just for starters,

I have been crafting whist not always blogging, so I am going to post some pictures of things I have been doing, some project may include old and new products.

I felt I wanted to share this with you as so many of you ask and follow me and sometimes wonder why it's hit and miss!

I hope going forward I will be posting more often and running some classes very soon.

Thanks for your support
Love Dawn xx

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